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Hilborn Pottery

Hilborn Pottery has been producing hand made pottery since 1975. This creative and unique design style has produced a distinctive brand of functional pottery that is well-known and respected across North America. These exceptional hand made ceramic pots are food and drink safe as well as oven, micro-wave and dishwasher proof.

Note - All pieces are available in all the colors you see below.

Contact us to learn about pricing, availability, and to place an order.

Hilborn Pottery 1. Marinating Dish " Medley Pattern (11" x 11" x 3") This larger dish, accompanied by bamboo salad servers can also be used to bake and serve a larger round of brie cheese.
3. Brie Baker - Medley Pattern (8" x 8" x 21/2") The perfect piece to present the latest culinary rage. This piece includes a bamboo spoon and recipe card.
Hilborn Pottery 2. Large Textured Family Dish " Ebony Pattern (141/2" x 141/2" x 5")This textured serving dish is large enough for any family, even those with octuplets. When not in use it can stay out to enhance your room. The epitome of functional art. Includes large rosewood servers.
Hilborn Pottery 4. Pistachio Dish " Ebony Pattern (10" x 61/2" x 3") Fill up one side, then empty it to fill up the other side with empty shells from the full side. Do you follow me so far? Are you half-full or half-empty? Comes with a rosewood striped spoon. Hilborn Pottery 5. Breakfast Bowl (6" x 3") " Ebony Pattern Also great for soup or salads, and comes with a rosewood striped spoon.

6. Textured Bowl (9" x 8" x 4") " Ebony Pattern Bowl "em over with this medium-sized functional bowl accompanied by palm salad servers.
Hilborn Pottery 7. Torn Rectangular Dish (13" x 9" x 3") " Cinnamon Pattern Great for serving pastas and other hot and cold dishes of all shapes whether round, square or rectangular. Palm salad servers included.

8a. Two-sided Condiment Dish (8" x 71/2" x 2")" Cinnamon Pattern Includes two rosewood spoons, one for each side, so you can have two different condiments at once. How ingenious.
Hilborn Pottery 11a. Small Olive Dish (10" x 3" x 11/2") and 11b. Large Olive Dish (13" x 41/2" x 2") - Cinnamon Pattern These are great for serving olives of all stripes and colours as well as other hors d"oeuvres. A rosewood fork comes with the small one to help you catch the slippery olives, and a bamboo spoon with the larger one to scoop the bigger ones.
Hilborn Pottery 12. Pinch Pot " Cream pattern with black accent (6" x 4" x 3") We use a pinch of clay to create a pot to serve a pinch of whatever you want in a pinch. It comes with a rosewood knife.

13. Dip Dish " Cream pattern with black accent (5" x 5" x 21/2") Self explanatory, except you don"t dip the dish, you put dip in the dish, and use the rosewood spoon to extract the dip.
Hilborn Pottery 14a. Multi Purpose Dish " Tomato Pattern (41/2" x 21/2") We decided not to tell you what to do with this dish. It"s multi purposed. We"ll call it "freedom of choice", except we decide what comes with it, a rosewood spoon.

14b. Mustard Pot - Tomato Pattern (31/2" x 31/2" x 2") This politically correct pot is inclusive. It will accept all sauces, spreads and jams, not just mustard. The tiny rosewood spoon is sooo cute.
Hilborn Pottery 6c. Berry Bowl (11in x 12in x 3.5in) - Periwinkle Pattern Here are Hilborn Pottery some pieces evolve and some pieces are reborn. Both apply to our Berry Bowl. After growing feet to stand over the accompanying draining plate, it hibernated for two years and then awoke, redesigned but still allowing you to wash, drain, and serve your fruit and berries in one step. Welcome back.

6b. Large Curly (11in x 11in x 4.5in) - Periwinkle Pattern Great for large salads as well as hot dishes. It comes with a large rosewood salat set.
Hilborn Pottery 8b. Large Divided Dish (11in x 10in x 2in) - Granny Apple Green Pattern Habs or Leafs, Yankees or Red Sox, Tories or Liberals, Republicans or Democrats. I guess we can contribute to polarized party discussion with our divided dish. At least each side of the issue can be served from its own section of the divided dish. Come with a Palm Salad Set.

9. Salt Pygg (4in x 5in x 4in) - Granny Apple Green Pattern Spelling comes from the original clay body used to make it. When you bring home the bacon you want to enjoy every coarse (salt) of your dining experience. This will bring out the gourmet cook in you. Comes with a tiny spoon.
Hilborn Pottery 18. Tray Set (15in x 8.5in x 1.5in) - Medley Pattern Great for more and hungrier people. All fits one size, so to speak. Comes with a rosewood spoon.

19. In-Between Bowl (8.5in x 8.5in x 3in) - Medley Pattern
Hilborn Pottery 16. Square Set (10in x 10in x 1.5in) and

17. Rectangular Set (10in x 7.5in x 1.5in) - Ebony Pattern
Hilborn Pottery 14a. Multi Purpose Dish (4.5in x 2.5in) - Granny Apple Green Pattern We decided not to tell you what to do with this dish. It's multi purposed. We’ll call it 'freedom of choice', except we decide what comes with it, a rosewood spoon.

14b. Mustard Pot (3.5in x 3.5in x 2in) - Granny Apple Green Pattern This politically correct pot is inclusive. It will accept all sauces, spreads and jams, not just mustard. The tiny rosewood spoon is sooo cute.

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